The ED Sessions speaker series exposes Idaho leaders to the best methods, resources and practices in the areas of learning innovation, community investments and awareness. Beginning its third installment in February 2015, the series previously hosted nationally and internationally renowned experts, including Mike Rowe, Sir Ken Robinson and Sal Khan.

During the 2014 luncheon series, guests heard from education innovation leaders, including Adrian Sannier with Arizona State University, David Driscoll, former Massachusetts schools superintendent and Jeanne Allen, founder of The Center for Education Reform, among others.

At the last ED Sessions event of 2014, about 60 frequent ED Sessions attendees, stakeholders and key leaders convened to revisit the presentations. They were asked to identify key points and ideas from the presentations that could benefit Idaho students. In small groups, they identified “low-hanging fruit” — recommendations that can be implemented quickly — relating to the best practices from the series, and developed strategic action plans to move the recommendations forward.


  1. Redesign Idaho’s education funding system to maximize every dollar equitably. This will require recruiting financial experts to explore the current system and provide recommendations for an improved system of funding for Idaho.
  2. Provide broad spectrum (real-world) learning experience to help students identify passions, strengths and career pathways that fit their needs.
  3. Place a clear focus on the proven benefits of early learning, by educating decision makers to develop policies that support proven methods, and make funding decisions based on research and data.
  1. Develop continuous individualized support for teachers at all levels of the profession to ensure highly effective teachers.
  2. Establish admission requirements for teacher and administrator preparation programs that are tied to best or proven practice outcomes.
  3. Advance the use of technology in effective teaching and learning by exploring models of success, effective tools and resources.
  4. All policy must be grounded in research and best practices to ensure students have the best teachers, leaders, curriculum and learning environments.

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