Make It Count

August 4, 2016
Boise, Idaho

What do youth in a juvenile detention center, tech entrepreneurs and the mayor of Boise have in common? Learning from Johnny Schillereff, CEO and Founder of Element who is focused on making a difference personally and professionally.

Spending the day with Johnny started with driving him and his assistant Kristina to the Nampa Juvenile Correction facility where the youth were engrossed with his story of a homeless kid turned global leader. How? He worked harder than most, didn’t take ‘no’ for an answer and was hell-bent on proving he could do it regardless of the haters—which included his own dad.

Johnny then spoke to The Ed Session crowd where he highlighted his journey especially his delight to find Boise—a place that has the world’s best skate park and some of the friendliest people. Listen and get inspired by his perspective on Idaho.

The day ended at Trailhead with local entrepreneurs. He stoked the fire in their bellies and they kept him for almost two hours after his presentation ended.


“Make It Count” with Johnny Schillereff


“Johnny Schillereff at ED Sessions”