What if poverty wasn’t an obstacle in education?

JUNE 3, 2014
Dr. Ruby K. Payne, Founder of aha! Process

In order to educate all kids, schools must understand students’ roots, their needs and their language, Ruby K. Payne said Tuesday. Payne is an expert on the mindsets of three economic classes — poverty, middle class and wealth. She spoke Tuesday to a packed house at the Ed Sessions 2.0 monthly luncheon. In her 45-minute talk, she said environment affects a child’s ability to learn and achieve. Educators must understand the differences of children raised in poverty vs. the middle class. “he purpose of schooling is to change thinking,” she said. “If you work with people in poverty, some understanding of how different their world is from yours will be invaluable.” To read the entire Idaho Education News re-cap by Jennifer Swindell, click here.


“What if poverty wasn’t an obstacle in education?”