The Power to Transform the Attitude of Education

As we look at the crucial need to continually better society as a whole, education plays an intricate role in any results that we desire to achieve. It is one thing to seek to improve education, but is another thing for those in the scope of education to understand the essential need for such improvements. This is the quest which drives The Ed Sessions to have a presence in the improvement of learning in the state of Idaho, and in the States abroad.

Students and Free-flowing Information

Now, more than ever, information passes unrestrained from one place to another. Many have come to the point where they find it harder and harder to trust the information that they come in contact with. We often find ourselves in positions where we are surrounded by great heaps of information that can often be conflicting. Do students in the education system find that they are taught different things in the classroom and on the web? As the amount of information that flows through our minds grows, our ability to filter the useful information likewise grows, but however great our ability to filter information, it has no use beyond its original state unless it transforms into knowledge. Learning is the literal transformation from information to knowledge, and the more proficient we can become in doing so, the greater effect we will see in our education.The Ed Sessions

Poor Attitude Inhibits Education

Have you ever had to learn something that you just absolutely didn’t want to participate in? Perhaps we all have at some point or another in our lives. For some, it happened in their early years when they were involved with an activity such as learning a musical instrument, involvement in sports, or doing chores around the house. Often the motivation to pursue such an activity comes through the invested interest of a parent. Many children find themselves in a position where they do everything out of fear for a punishment from those that they respect. In retrospect in those situations where it was hard to find motivation, we find that our attitude is the main cause of the lack of motivation. We likewise also find that the talent that could have been developed through that effort also went by the wayside. This bad attitude acts as a block for our potential to gain something from the information that is put before us. How many people are likewise blocked by a poor attitude towards the information that they come across in education? This attitude inhibits our ability to turn information into useful knowledge, and then to apply that knowledge into wisdom. Just as crucial as the need to combat the shortcomings of the education system is the need to combat poor attitudes toward education.

Furthering the Cause of Education: The Boise Education Foundation

A great influence in the advancement of education across the state is the Boise Education Foundation. They have caught the vision of how education has brought us to where we are today, and they likewise understand what is required to further that improvement into the future. The Boise Education Foundation also put forth great effort to gather $17 million to affect the lives of more than 500,000 students. This money has gone towards satisfying the needs of students, classrooms, and programs in the Boise area. Money has value in furthering education, but equally important is the advancement of the understanding of the direction our education. So we need foundations like the Boise Education Foundation to bring forth the money that is needed, and we need to have a means of changing attitudes towards education. We can put forward a great effort to change, but if that change is in the wrong direction what will be the positive effect? There will be none. This is the course that 3 seeks to improve through bringing well-respected people into a venue where people as a whole can be shown the vision of education in the future, and any poor attitudes towards education can be brought low.

The Transformation of Society Through Education

boise public schools foundation logoMost of the people that we encounter each day, have been transformed through education. This transformation in people abroad has transformed our collective way of life. Imagine a modern-day society where clean and concise communication is weak at best. Instead of driving, we must walk or ride our horse and buggy to get to our destination. To contact a friend that lives across the country, we have to write a letter, send it in the mail, and wait a number of weeks to receive a response. We don’t have houses with on-demand heat; instead we spend great amounts of time gathering and cutting wood and add them to our wood-burning stove. We want to take a hot shower by simply turning a knob? There is no such thing. We wish to turn on our lights by merely flipping a switch when we walk into a room? Its impossible, our houses don’t have electricity. Many may be thinking that I am merely describing a society that existed 200 years ago, and in that they are right. This is what modern-day society would look like without education. People become so enthralled in the advances that have occurred over the last couple of centuries, but they easily forget the driving force behind such advances. The rate of acceleration that has occurred in our lifestyle is directly correlated to the rate at which society has been educated as a whole. We would not have electricity in each of our houses without education. How would we create dams that run water through a turbine which then turns a generator and creates electricity that is sent down power lines and to our homes? If we merely look around us, we can see how education has shaped our way of life as it stands today.

The Ed Sessions & the Boise Education Foundation: A Mission to Change

As we each grow up in an ever-changing world, we come to grips with the fact that there are things that we just can’t understand. Many people wonder if the next generation will be better off than the current generation. Likewise, many people in the young generation today wonder if it is possible to live up to the potential of the current generation. Many don’t know how we can bridge the gap from where we now are, and where we can go. Those who can make the needed change shouldn’t let that gap stop us from moving in the right direction. We need organizations like The Ed Sessions and the Boise Education Foundation that are moving in the right direction to have the results that are being sought after.